The 2013-2014 grant window is now open!  Click the link below to view the application.

2013-2014 Grant Application.pdf

The South Redford Foundation for Educational Excellence provides teachers of the South Redford School District the opportunity to apply for funding through the Classroom Grant program.  The mission of the grant program is to provide funding to enhance the learning experiences for students across the District that:

- Implement creative and innovative ideas.
- Establish a lsting impression on the students' learning process.
- Serve a large body of the students.
- Provide resources that will be utilized in their classrooms year after year.

2012-2013 Recipients
Mr. Latour/Ms. Denton 6-8 Language Arts Pierce Middle School
Mrs. White 2nd Grade Addams Elementary
Mrs. Nick 4th Grade Jefferson Elementary
Mrs. Frankling English Thurston High School
Mrs. Zacker Mathematics Thurston High School
Mr. Bridges Mathematics Thurston High School
Mrs. Graham/Mrs. Chenoweth Visual Arts Thurston, Addams, Fisher