What makes the program different from other online schools?

  • All students in Soar Academic Institute will be assigned a mentor who will connect with them on a consistent and regular basis
  • Mentors/mentees will work together to establish a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP), set goals, and monitor progress
  • Students are eligible to participate in SRSD extra-curricular activities and sports
  • SOAR is a FLEXIBLE program that works with each student to ensure success

What if I don’t have a computer or internet access?

All students will be provided with their own laptop that includes broadband internet access.

Who is Eligible?

The program is open to all students in the 5-County Area on an unlimited basis.

How do I apply?

You can apply by clicking on the Enrollment link..

When can I enroll?

Students may only enter the program at the start of each semester (September and late January), though we will accept applications at any time.

How do I enroll?

Complete a SOAR Enrollment packet, return it to any of the specified registration sites, and schedule an intake interview with the SOAR director.

Where will I graduate from?

Students who meet the graduation requirements of the South Redford School District will earn a South Redford High School Diploma. If the student completes the requirements by May 30th, they will have the opportunity to walk in the annual commencement ceremony held at Thurston High School.

Resident students who have completed a minimum of 20 credits by end the first semester of their senior year, and are in good standing, may transfer back to Thurston to complete their high school education and earn a Thurston High School Diploma.

What if I discover that online learning is not for me?

If you find that the program is not working for you as well as you had hoped it would, you may transfer back to Pierce Middle School or Thurston High School at the semester break, or, if South Redford is not your home district, back to your home district.



How many credits are needed to graduate?

SOAR will follow the Michigan Merit Curriculum, which requires 18 credits to earn a high school diploma. More information can be found by clicking on Curriculum at the top of the page.

Is Transportation provided?

No, we are unable to provide transportation.

How can I monitor my child’s progress?

Parents will receive regular updates from the student’s mentor. Parents can contact the mentor at any time to setup an individual meeting. There is also an option within the software program for parents to log-in and see their child’s progress.

What happens if a student breaks a laptop?

Typical issues with the laptops will be taken care of by the District’s technology department. In the case of a major break, if the damage is not malicious, then the district will replace the laptop as it would any other technology equipment in the district.

What if a laptop is stolen?

The student/family will be responsible for filing a police report and bring in a copy of the report to the district. The Lo-Jack anti-theft device installed all each laptop. Once a theft is reported to the district, Lo-Jack will be notified to begin the recovery process.